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Cover for A Temporary Stranger

A Temporary Stranger

By Jamie Reid

A Temporary Stranger is the final manuscript that Jamie Reid was working on when he died unexpectedly in June of 2015. The book is comprised of three sections: “Homages,” “Fake Poems,” and “Recollections.”

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Cover for This Drawn & Quartered Moon

This Drawn & Quartered Moon

By klipschutz

This Drawn & Quartered Moon makes pre-millennial San Francisco its epicenter, and from there ranges out in time and space. Characters abound. The reader will meet a plagiarist, a Vietnam vet named Othello, a Mafia don, a drug mule en route to jail, Elvis Presley (the poet’s father was his doctor), a “Sculptor of the Lower Fillmore Head Shot,” a dying Arab king and a pre-fame Courtney Love.

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Cover for Trobairitz


By Catherine Owen

Twenty-first century metalheads; twelfth century troubadours and their female counterparts, the trobairitz—what could they possibly have in common?

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Under the Abdominal Wall by Sharon McCartney

Under the Abdominal Wall

By Sharon McCartney

Under the Abdominal Wall is a moving collection of poetry, an elegy for ones loved and lost. The pieces in this volume focus largely on the subjects of childbirth, illness and loss—of a sibling and a parent. While the subjects of death and illness are forefront, they are countered by a theme of rejuvenation. McCartney addresses difficult, emotionally straining subjects head-on with strength, wonder and passion.

Unravel by Tammy Armstrong


By Tammy Armstrong

Unravel addresses our universal experiences of time and place, and how those places shape who and what we are. Unravel challenges our sometimes-complacent perceptions and justifies what we all hold dear: an address and an identity.

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