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Cover for Some Birds Walk

Some Birds Walk for the Hell of It

By CR Avery

In his take-no-prisoners style of verse and performance, Avery poetry is alternately profane, brilliantly vulgar, unsettling, outrageously funny and brash in it’s lonesome courage, and unquestionably original.

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cover for Song Collides

The Song Collides

By Calvin Wharton

The Song Collides takes the reader on a highly personal and internal metaphysical investigation into the state of the natural world—and then back via more lyrical and local enquiries that speak to each and every one of us. Life as an exchange: each of us takes in the world and then expresses it for ourselves and for others. This is a simultaneous and nearly imperceptible process that lasts, we hope, at least until the exit.

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Cover of Suicide Psalms

Suicide Psalms

By Mari-Lou Rowley

Suicide Psalms is both hymn and visceral scream—of loss, despair, hope and ultimately redemption. These poems are drawn out with quick precision, as if they were indeed written in haste, or delirium, before tightening the noose or firing the pistol or jumping off the ledge.

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Cover for Sustenance

Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food

By Rachel Rose, editor

Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food brings to the table some of Canada’s best contemporary writers, celebrating all that is unique about Vancouver’s literary and culinary scene.

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Swing In The Hollow by Ryan Knighton

Swing in the Hollow

By Ryan Knighton

Swing In the Hollow is a debut collection that struggles with the service and spoil of lyrical attention. In quirky and precise turns, Knighton’s language teases a sense of phenomena from the rubbish and rubble of atrophied urban experience.

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