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Siren Tattoo : A Poetry Triptych by Isabella Legosi Mori, Angela Lee McIntyre and Heidi Greco

Siren Tattoo: a poetry triptych

By Heidi Greco, Isabella Legosi Mori & Angela Lee McIntyre

From the distinctly urban to the emotionally uncompromising, these three women express, each in her own voice, a cry, a laugh, a scream—the hybrid of which culminates in the call for imprint: A Siren Tattoo.

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The Sleep of Four Cities by Jen Currin

The Sleep of Four Cities

By Jen Currin

Powered by lush imagery and lyricism, the poems in The Sleep of Four Cities use the city as a metaphor for the complexity of self. This book invites the reader to take a journey through multiple cities—cities of memory, of desire, of imagination, of discovery, of loss—with only the map of language as a guide.

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Snatch by Judy MacInnes Jr.


By Judy MacInnes Jr.

Snatch is a hilarious and creepy collection of poems that may not even be poetry at all. Like a comic novel from an alternate universe, or a fragmented hoax of an autobiography, Snatch picks at the vacuous horror of suburbia and exposes a world of small beauty and perfect moments amid TV-induced nostalgia and impending violence.

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Cover for Some Birds Walk

Some Birds Walk for the Hell of It

By CR Avery

In his take-no-prisoners style of verse and performance, Avery poetry is alternately profane, brilliantly vulgar, unsettling, outrageously funny and brash in it’s lonesome courage, and unquestionably original.

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cover for Song Collides

The Song Collides

By Calvin Wharton

The Song Collides takes the reader on a highly personal and internal metaphysical investigation into the state of the natural world—and then back via more lyrical and local enquiries that speak to each and every one of us. Life as an exchange: each of us takes in the world and then expresses it for ourselves and for others. This is a simultaneous and nearly imperceptible process that lasts, we hope, at least until the exit.

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