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Gas Tank by Dennis E. Bolen

Gas Tank & Other Stories

By Dennis E. Bolen

From the author of Stupid Crimes, Krekshuns and Stand in Hell come more fictional wanderings. Gas Tank & Other Stories casts disparate characters into tumultuous scenes of moral terror, testing their courage, energy, and capacity to endure.

Going to New Orleans by Charles Tidler

Going to New Orleans

By Charles Tidler

Going to New Orleans is a fantastic and graphic first-person narrative that serves as a surreal-but-faithful guide to the music, food, history, and literature of New Orleans. A spiritual book, as well as a dirty one.

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Cover for Hard Hed

Hard Hed

By Charles Tidler

Hard Hed is a contemporary retelling of the Johnny Appleseed story. Hoosier Chapman, local historian and apple orchardist, has just been released from a Northwestern Ohio jail after serving two years for planting wild apple trees in a city park.

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Cover for Hider/Seeker


By Jen Currin

Hider/Seeker is the debut fiction collection from award-winning poet Jen Currin. These stories are about addiction and meditation, relationships and almost-relationships, solitude and sexuality.

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Cover for Hysteric


By Nelly Arcan (translated by David Homel & Jacob Homel)

In this daring act of self-examination and confession, the late novelist Nelly Arcan explores the tortured end of a love affair. All the wrong signals were there from the start, but still, she could not help falling.

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