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Cover for Glossolalia


By Marita Dachsel

In Marita Dachsel’s second full-length collection, the self-avowed agnostic feminist uses mid-nineteenth century Mormon America as a microcosm for the universal emotions of love, jealousy, loneliness, pride, despair, and passion. Read More

Going to New Orleans by Charles Tidler

Going to New Orleans

By Charles Tidler

Going to New Orleans is a fantastic and graphic first-person narrative that serves as a surreal-but-faithful guide to the music, food, history, and literature of New Orleans. A spiritual book, as well as a dirty one.

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Cover for Hard Hed

Hard Hed

By Charles Tidler

Hard Hed is a contemporary retelling of the Johnny Appleseed story. Hoosier Chapman, local historian and apple orchardist, has just been released from a Northwestern Ohio jail after serving two years for planting wild apple trees in a city park.

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Heroines photographs by Lincoln Clarkes

Heroines: The Photographs of Lincoln Clarkes

By Lincoln Clarkes

Winner of the City of Vancouver Book Award

Heroines is an epic documentary of addicted women in Vancouver, Canada. In 1997, photographer Lincoln Clarkes turned his lens away from the world of fashion and began documenting the dire circumstances endured by the marginalized women living and working on the streets of the city’s Downtown Eastside.

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Cover for The House with the Broken Two

The House with the Broken Two: A Birthmother Remembers

By Myrl Coulter

In The House With the Broken Two: A Birthmother Remembers, Dr. Myrl Coulter reflects on the family politics and social mores that surrounded closed adoption in the 1960s, and examines the changing attitudes that resulted in the current open adoption system and her eventual reunion with her firstborn son.

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