Contemporary Canadian Literature with a Distinctly Urban Twist

Anvil Press

DAMP: Contemporary Vancouver Media Arts

By Oliver Hockenhull and Alex Mackenzie

DAMP: Contemporary Vancouver Media Arts, is a singular effort, a visually exuberant work that is also on the vanguard of theoretical engagement, a symbiosis of form and content, in full-colour throughout, inclusive of extensive imagery, graphic intrigues and typographical accent—a rare and desirable art-infused statement of the city’s media art scene—now.

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Dry Shave

By Rod Filbrandt

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Heroines Revisited

By Lincoln Clarkes

Heroines Revisited is a follow-up volume to the original Heroines: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes that was released by Anvil in 2002. This new edition features over 200 portraits accompanied by three new critical essays that contextualize the five-year photo project and the controversial body of work, as well as an interview with the artist.

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City of Vancouver Book Prize

Heroines: The Photographs of Lincoln Clarkes

By Lincoln Clarkes

Winner of the City of Vancouver Book Award

Heroines is an epic documentary of addicted women in Vancouver, Canada. In 1997, photographer Lincoln Clarkes turned his lens away from the world of fashion and began documenting the dire circumstances endured by the marginalized women living and working on the streets of the city’s Downtown Eastside.

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No Flash, Please! (Underground Music in Toronto 1987-92)

By Derek von Essen (Text by Phil Saunders)

No Flash, Please! documents an important period in Toronto’s music community. As seen and heard by two journalists covering it for a number of monthly independent magazines, not only did they experience the local bands they knew and loved becoming famous, they also witnessed soon-to-be legends, come through those same clubs and concert halls. Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Henry Rollins, all played Toronto during this period and von Essen’s camera and Saunders’ ears were there to witness their performances in crowds that varied in size from 20 to 500.

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Painted Lives & Shifting Landscapes

By Richard Tetrault

Painted Lives & Shifting Landscapes showcases the artwork of Vancouver painter, printmaker and muralist Richard Tetrault. Tetrault’s work explores universal themes of the figure and the urban landscape.

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A Room in the City

By Gabor Gasztonyi

A Room in the City presents Gasztonyi’s five-year project of photographing the residents of the Cobalt, Balmoral, Regent, and Sunrise Hotels in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the poorest postal code in the country. They are represented in private moments, with respect and dignity—in their rooms and on the streets—as they wish to be seen. Gasztonyi’s style continues in the great documentation tradition of Anders Petersen and Josef Koudelka, the photographer of the Roma.

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Transitions of a Still Life

By Carol E. Mayer

Ceramic Works by Tam Irving
Tam Irving, ceramic artist, has lived in British Columbia for the past 50 years and during this time he has been at the heart of the changing social, political and cultural relationships that have informed the development of studio ceramics in this province.

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Wombat: The Collected Comic Strip

By Rod Filbrandt

From: Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog

“Few artists are as capable as Rod Filbrandt when it comes to sifting out the most obvious nonsensical idiocy in today’s world, and slinging it back at us like the slap in the neck we all deserve.

Rod doesn’t mince words on his oft-updated blog Chowderhead Bazoo, whether he’s taking a swipe at the various archetypes that seem to overcrowd the sidewalks of our cities in his “The Bane of My Existence” series, lambasting Elvis Costello for selling the last of his soul in a recent Lexus ad, or waxing nostalgic at the demise of a local bar, Rod always hits the nail on the head.”

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