Contemporary Canadian Literature with a Distinctly Urban Twist

Anvil Press

Airborne Photo

Airborne Photo

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Drinkin’ rye and water with Grandma. Guns in False Creek. Frat boy homies from the North Delta ghetto. Samuel L. Jackson. Phantom Lord & Metallica. A kid who’s got the hots for his mom…


That’s right. It’s all here in this collection of immediate, lean and visceral short fiction from Clint Burnham.

  • Publication: Jan 1999
  • ISBN: 9781895636222
  • Pages: 184 pp
  • Size: 4.25 x 7.5 inches

Clint Burnham’s most recent book is a new novel from Arsenal Pulp Press, Smokeshow. Burnham is also the author of The Jamesonian Unconscious: The Aesthetics of Marxist Theory, Fatal Femmes: the poetry of Lynne Crosbie, two collections of poetry, Be Labour Reading and Buddyland, and numerous chapbooks. A new book of poetry is forthcoming from Anvil Press in 2007. Clint has served on the editorial collective of Fuse magazine, was a contributing editor for Paragraph, and is currently on the editorial collective of Boo.

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