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Cover of Mutant Sex Party & Other Plays

Mutant Sex Party & Other Plays

By Ed Macdonald

In Mutant Sex Party & Other Plays, Ed Macdonald eviscerates the high and the mighty, the hypocritical, and those who abuse power in late-Capitalism America. He expertly peels back the tattered facade of corporate respectability and reveals the hypocrisy that is brokered and sold under the guise of “doing business” in America. These plays dig deep at the rot that lies at the base of a free-rein, unregulated, capitalist market system.

As well as the title piece, the collection includes The Escape Artist, Erratica, Gemini, Smoke & Blood, Hot Meat and Titus Lucretius Carus.

Praise for Mutant Sex Party:
“There’s an interesting and very complicated relationship to explore here; I was immediately curious about the power dynamic . . . and also about the element of hypocrisy.” —

ISBN 978-1-897535-93-6
5.25 x 8.25 | 120 pp
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