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The Beautiful Dead End

The Beautiful Dead End

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Finalist, Books in Canada/ First Novel Award

The Beautiful Dead End is a visceral crime thriller that takes the reader on an existential journey to the “other side” and almost back again. In a bizarre, shadowy interzone populated by disturbing characters, our anti-hero confronts the dark secrets of his past, and comes face to face with the consequences of having lived an unexamined life.

Praise for The Beautiful Dead End:

The Beautiful Dead End is an accomplished work, one that defies categorization, breaking new literary ground while still retaining the attention-holding qualities of a pulp-fiction thriller. It is simultaneously a riveting page-turner and a highly contemporary literary novel, showcased by poetically charged language and a visually arresting style of writing that draws the reader in as if watching a movie — no, actually it’s more like the reader is in the movie.”
— The Times-Colonist

“Hutzulak at his best creates scenes shimmering with presence, in which nothing is extraneous to his purpose. Even things such as an image seen in passing… resonate as emblems of something essential.”
— The Globe and Mail

“Do not expect redemption or inspiration or much to hope for here but do expect to be affected. And if the intelligent writing is shades of things to come, Hutzulak will be one to watch.”
— Books In Canada

  • Publication: Oct 2001
  • ISBN: 9781895636390
  • Pages: 210 pp
  • Size: 5 x 7.25 inches

Clint Hutzulak lives and works in Victoria, BC. He has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing from the University of Victoria. Several of his short plays have been staged in Victoria. Selections from The Beautiful Dead End appeared in the anthologies Red Stains and Dust, from Creation Books of England. A soundtrack album to accompany the novel is available. The instrumental music features dobro, pedal steel, accordion and electronics, in solo and ensemble performances, commissioned from 20 musicians living in BC, Quebec, and Italy. For music samples and more information, visit

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