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Escape from Wreck City

By John Creary

This debut collection features poems about nature, poems about love and relationships, poems about living in the city, and poems about traveling the globe. And all at once they capture the thrill of being fully engaged with the world, keenly observing each moment and event that constitutes being human. Whether it’s following the “wounded insomniac” through the “desert lushness of sage and creosote” or hot lovers who “flicker bareback beneath the full moon, panting” or drifting, moribund couples on empty streets moving like “dead meat or heavy traffic” under leaves of an “electric yellow” Creary’s language is potent, lush, playful, witty, and demanding of attention.

Sharp with insights that cut to the core of the matter, the poems in Escape from Wreck City – like the people who inhabit them – are ecstatically alive.


“John Creary’s poems growl, roar, whisper, chortle, purr and shout. He’s a writer stoned on words, constantly surprised by what they can and can’t do. Language’s energy—clean, dirty, pulsing, spiking, minimalist—vibrates through Escape from Wreck City.”
TOM WAYMAN, author of The Order in Which We Do Things

ISBN 978-1-77214-096-5
5.5 x 8.25 | 96 pp.
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