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Cusp/Detritus by Catherine Owen photographs by Karen Moe

Cusp/detritus: an experiment in alleyways

By Catherine Owen & Karen Moe

Rooted in the back alleys, squats and psychiatric wards of contemporary Vancouver and Montreal, these unyielding poems enter the intersecting tensions and intensities in characters such as Mike, a panhandler on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, Matthew, a runaway punk, and Dara, a single mother. Cusp’s central sequence, however, concerns the tragic life and death of Frank Bonneville, a schizophrenic and drug-addicted artist who became Ms. Owen’s muse between their 2001 meeting and his 2003 suicide. Complemented by Karen Moe’s haunting photographs of Vancouver’s neglected spaces and rejected objects, Cusp/detritus is a testimony to an obsession with the lost.

ISBN 1895636744
7 x 7 | 128 pp
16.00 CAN / 14.00 US
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