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True Mummy by Tom Cone

True Mummy: A Play

By Tom Cone

True Mummy is a compelling drama, which presents provocative ideas and poses difficult questions connected to issues of life and death, morality and art, ritual versus utilitarianism, and the “opposing concepts of creation and desecration.”

True Mummy refers to a black, luminous, clear glaze, the “best shellac in the history of art,” that was made from the ash of cremated mummies.

What is sacred today—anything? Is any degree of desecration justified in the pursuit of truth and the creation of art? These are only a few of the questions posed in this provocative drama.

“It’s rare to see a play as challenging as True Mummy. Its risks and successes are laudable.”
—The Georgia Straight

True Mummy breaks new ground in its use of the theatrical form to explore ideas and ask unanswerable questions.”
—The Vancouver Sun

ISBN 1895636523
5.75 x 8.75 | 84 pp
14.00 CAN / 10.00 US
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