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Sugar Bush & Other Stories

By Jenn Farrell

The stories in Sugar Bush & Other Stories deal with gender relations, love, and sex in a frank way. Most of the pieces feature female protagonists who navigate their young adult years in some questionable ways. They make some ill-advised choices, which are driven by their naïve quests for “individuality” while at the same time having an almost pathological need to be loved by everyone—especially men. While the stories in Sugar Bush are intended for an adult audience, they employ some of the conventions of the young adult genre. They are simple, straight-ahead narratives. Part breathless teenaged confessional and part wistful and wiser looks back, Sugar Bush is the first collection of short fiction by award-winning author, Jenn Farrell.

ISBN 1895636760
4.75 x 6.25 | 176 pp
18.00 CAN / 15.00 US
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