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Snatch by Judy MacInnes Jr.


By Judy MacInnes Jr.

Snatch is a hilarious and creepy collection of poems that may not even be poetry at all. Like a comic novel from an alternate universe, or a fragmented hoax of an autobiography, Snatch picks at the vacuous horror of suburbia and exposes a world of small beauty and perfect moments amid TV-induced nostalgia and impending violence. In her mysterious and funny debut, everybody’s favourite Surrey grrrl, Judy MacInnes Jr. makes the complex seem simple, the simple complex, and she has an unearthly talent for making the reader laugh out loud while doing it.

“Subtly sexy MacInnes slips deftly between past and present, and brings her lilting, clean voice into modern-day pieces … she infuses the debris of everyday life with poignancy.”
—NOW Magazine

“A genre-strobe. PixelVisionTM meets poetry. JMJ alternates forms to our advantage in her retelling of an adolescence set in one of the most maligned and misunderstood cities of North America—Surrey, BC. This is right-on contemporary writing—loose but nuanced, anecdotal yet relevant. I recommend Snatch to anyone who willingly forgot what it was like to grow up.”
—Michael Turner, author of The Pornographer’s Poem and 8 × 10

ISBN 1895636272
5.5 x 6 | 100 pp
12.95 CAN / 9.95 US
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