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Going to New Orleans by Charles Tidler

Going to New Orleans

By Charles Tidler

Going to New Orleans is the story of Lewis King, a jazz trumpet player who lands a gig in the Big Easy. King is a genius on cornet, but his private life is emotionally, morally, and financially bankrupt. He’s a heavy drinker and compulsive sexual manipulator, prone to paranoid fits of violent rage. His girlfriend, Ms Sugarlicq, can’t keep her pants on. But as equally deviant sexual predators and jealous hypocrites, they’re perfect for each other…

Going to New Orleans is a fantastic and graphic first-person narrative that serves as a surreal-but-faithful guide to the music, food, history, and literature of New Orleans. A spiritual book, as well as a dirty one.

ISBN 1895636590
5.25 x 7.5 | 176 pp
20.00 CAN / 15.00 US
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