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Knucklehead & Other Stories by W. Mark Giles

Knucklehead & Other Stories

By W. Mark Giles

A strangely unified collection, unsettling and surprising, Knucklehead resides where the lines between real and imagined blur. Giles’s penetrating view and unsentimental honesty shape these stories and push the reader’s expectations of the “ordinary.” These are mature and compelling narratives that encapsulate everything great about short fiction. They freeze a moment, but upon closer examination reveal something more, a message that resonates long after that story has been read.

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Cover for Long Ride Yellow

Long Ride Yellow

By Martin West

Long Ride Yellow is the debut novel from two-time Journey Prize finalist Martin West. The novel explores the limits of sexual desire, personal choice and the edge of reality. Nonni is a dominatrix who likes to play. She hates to pay.

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cover for Mirror on the Floor

Mirror on the Floor

By George Bowering

Originally published in 1967 by McClelland and Stewart, Mirror on the Floor was the first novel from an emerging young writer named George Bowering. Now with over 100 publications to his credit, we are proud to be reissuing Bowering’s debut novel.

Set in Vancouver in the mid-1960s, Mirror on the Floor vividly evokes the Vancouver of that era, when neon signs still shimmered on the rain-soaked streets and Theatre Row bustled with excited movie-goers.

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Monday Night Man by Grant Buday

Monday Night Man

By Grant Buday

Monday Night Man is a back alley view of East Vancouver netherworlds. Horst Nunn, Ray Bunce, and Boyle Rupp are a trio of middle-aged, underemployed, intelligent “plungers” striving for redemption through humour and long shots at the track.

Cover for Moss-Haired Girl

Moss-Haired Girl: The Confessions of a Circus Performer

By RH Slansky

In this ambitious short novel, R.H. Slansky weaves a complex narrative about the very nature of narrative: it is an annotated re-issue of a fictional autobiography that casts a questioning eye on the reliability of family lore.

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